Slice of Blackberry Cake on a gray plate with a fork on a white background

Easy Blackberry Crumble Cake

October 12, 2018
Food & Wellness
My full Vermont travel post will be coming up next week, but for now I wanted to share a bit about our special time at the King Arthur Flour HQ, taking a New England Desserts baking class, including an adaption of one of the recip read more

Easy Baked Meatballs With Ricotta & Sun-dried Tomatoes

October 09, 2018
Food & Wellness
I’ve spent more money on those pretty recipe books you find in the grocery store checkout line than I’d care to admit, but for the most part I’ve never been disappointed in them. A few weeks ago I picked up a cop read more

Baked Pumpkin Donuts With a Brown Butter Sage Glaze

September 25, 2018
Food & Wellness
When I did my great kitchen clean out a few weeks ago, I came across my old donut pans that I had forgotten all about. The kids caught sight of them as well and asked me to make a batch of donuts, so I had to do it for them. Becau read more

Everyday Basic Pancake Recipe

September 22, 2018
Food & Wellness
It seems that we’re always fiddling with pancake recipes over the weekend, sometimes getting it right, other times failing miserably and landing up with soggy flying discs. And over the years we’ve tried no less than a read more

Classic Bento Box School Lunch Tips & Ideas

August 28, 2018
Food & Wellness
Another school year is here, and therefore another year of trudging our way through making school lunches every day. Believe me, by the end of each school year I am limping my way through the finish line and totally phoning it in read more

An Update On My Hashimoto’s

August 07, 2018
Food & Wellness
This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for awhile, and since I’ve recently received several requests for an update on my thyroid and Hashimoto’s, I took it as a sign that there was no better time than the pres read more

Grilled Salmon & Shrimp Skewers With Jalapeno & Bacon

August 01, 2018
Food & Wellness
Our favorite local seafood restaurant has been our go-to since I began dating Art over 20 years ago. Originally his family chose it as the destination for every birthday and special occasion that arose, and I dreaded going there b read more

Simple Solutions for Common Sleep Issues

June 29, 2018
Food & Wellness
I’ve been a troubled sleeper for as long as I can recall. My earliest memories of insomnia are from childhood, starting around 10 years of age. My father typically worked swing shift, and I remember quite often being woken i read more