Stuff My Guy Likes, and Yours May Too

February 08, 2018
In this past year, my husband has become one of those people who foolishly buys products through Instagram and Facebook promotions. I figured him a sucker, falling prey to slick marketing ploys, but it turns out I’ve been pr read more

What I Enjoyed In January

February 06, 2018
2018 is plugging right along, so as we say goodbye to January, I wanted to share a few things that made the start of the year extra special and meaningful. Following is a recap of the books I read, items I listened to, enjoyed and read more

Every Book I Read In 2017

January 26, 2018
I know this week has been heavy on the subject of books, but hang with me, as this is the final post on books, for a bit anyhow. I was originally planning to do an all inclusive 2017 books read list, along with my top 5, but when read more

The Top 5 Books I Read In 2017

January 23, 2018
Since January is coming to a close, I thought it about time I share a list of my favorite books I read last year, as well as a complete list of all the titles I made it through in 2017 (coming next). Some will surely find this a s read more

A Simple Holiday Table

November 21, 2017
Okay, so obviously this table isn’t simple in the sense of throwing out some plastic utensils and paper plates and calling it a day, but for a holiday table, it’s not completely over the top. I mean, there is actually read more

Some Updated Home Pics

August 17, 2017
I would say that it’s hard to believe we’ve been back home for over a year now, but the scuffs already on the walls and baseboards remind me that yes indeed, 3 young kids have lived here, and lived here well, for the p read more

Life Update

August 10, 2017
Good morning friends and readers, how are you all today? I hope you all have been well, and that we can catch up a bit here today. After not blogging in over a month, where does one begin other than with a life update? Things have read more

Age of Enlightenment

May 08, 2017
I’ve sort of been hibernating the past 6 months. From my sparse posts around here, to my week long breaks from Insta, I’ve been consumed with the task of trying to catch-up for lost time. This new blog of mine was set read more