Today we continue with our salmon cooking tips by creating Baked Salmon in Parchment, a dish that is an incredibly easy meal for yourself and your family, using some parchment paper, a few veggies of choice, and a salmon filet.

As I shared in my initial baked pesto salmon post, the aim of this series is to help you all feel confident cooking up salmon and seafood in general, and to give you some new recipe ideas if are already a competent seafood cook 🙂 So now that we’ve covered baked salmon, let’s get into parchment cooked salmon.
Sheet pan with parchement paper and salmon, veggies on a cutting board to the side

Key Ingredients to use for Salmon In Parchment

You’re going to start out with some chopped veggies of choice, but I do recommend choosing lower density veggies that will cook up quickly along with the salmon. Think zucchini and other types of summer squash, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, asparagus, bok choy and mushrooms just to name a few.

I don’t recommend dense produce like potatoes, brussel sprouts or winter squashes, as they will be way undercooked compared to the salmon.
A piece of salmon topped with veggies on a sheet of parchment paper Once you’ve cut up your selected vegetables, lay your piece of salmon on a sheet of parchment paper and brush with a light layer of olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Pile on about 1/3 cup of vegetables, making sure not to overload the piece of fish, and drizzle on some more olive oil and salt & pepper.

An added flavor bonus to get a bit of acidic zing going with this dish is to add some marinated olives or other produce items like mushrooms, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. I picked up just a small assortment of marinated olives and such at my market’s olive bar, where the cost is overall cheaper to buy a small amount of each item rather than buying entire jars.
fresh salmon topped with veggies on parchment paper, olive oil to the side

Assembling & Folding Your Parchment Packets

You certainly don’t need to have these precut sheets of parchment paper, but it does make for more quick and unform assembly.

There are a couple of different ways I’ve experimented with folding parchment packets, but I have personally found that the half moon trick is quickest and easiest.
salmon en papillote with veggies and olive oil With your fish in the center lengthwise piece of paper, begin on the left hand side and bring both pieces up and together, and then start to roll the pieces together, working from the left, to the top, all the way down to the lower right side. The trick is to roll as you go. salmon and veggies being folded in parchment paper And you’ll end up with a half-moon packet like so. The shape also reminds me of empanadas 🙂

Next, you just place your packets on a rimmed baking sheet and bake two parchment paper packets

Benefits of Salmon en Papillote (salmon in parchment)

Did you know that Salmon en papillote is French for salmon in parchment? So you have permission to feel very fancy and French when making this ridiculously easy dish in your own humble kitchen somewhere in America haha 😉

The beauty of these packets is that they are so easy to make, but the benefit to you is that they are really quite healthy. While we already know salmon is filled with wonderful Omega 3’s, which is the ultimate “healthy fat”, and is an excellent source of protein, the cooking method of baking the salmon & veggies in parchment is an added health benefit since the heat in the packets literally steams the fish and veggies. Steaming allows the flavors and moisture to be trapped and maintained, without the need for added fats during the cooking process, and it also does an excellent job preserving the nutrients in those beautiful veggies.

Steaming in fact is one of the absolute best ways to prepare veggies because it not only preserves nutrients, but taste, texture and color.

baked salmon and veggies inside parchment paper

Cooking Temps Differ With Salmon in Parchment

In our last recipe, we discussed the various cooking theories of quick and high or low and slow, and discovered that the general consensus among professionals is that salmon performs and tastes better when cooked low and slow. Salmon in parchment is a bit different though.

Because we are relying on the moisture released from the salmon and vegetables to turn to steam, which is what cooks the contents, we want to raise that cooking temperature ASAP to quickly release steam and trap it in the parchment packets. Once the parchment packets puff up, after about 8-10 minutes, they contents should be done and ready to eat.
baked salmon and veggies on a white plate, a cutting board with three salmon fillets and veggies Now I have to be honest with you all. I actually forgot to use the almost full-proof way of getting rid of the white stuff that seeps out of salmon when you cook it, called albumin. If you recall from my last post, giving your salmon a quick brine bath eliminates at least 75% of the albumin that is released, so it is definitely worth it (if you can remember to do it). But we all make mistakes, and I unintentionally took a shortcut here, and as you can see if you look *really* close, there’s some albumin present on my filets. Please don’t hold it against me though, and I promise that no matter if you remember to brine or not, the filets will still taste delicious.  salmon with tomatoes, zucchini, asparagus, onions and olives on a white plate I hope you enjoy this quick and easy one pan meal, and if you do, please consider leaving a comment and rating below!

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a bite of salmon being taken with a fork


Baked Salmon In Parchment

A quick, easy and healthy one pan meal that is ready in under 30 minutes. Rich with powerful Omega 3’s and a rainbow of veggies, this meal is not only good but good for you.

  • Author: Andrea Howe


4 salmon filets

2 medium size zucchinis

1/2 red onion

1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

68 asparagus spears. sliced into 1” pieces

Optional olives, sundried tomatoes or marinated garlic & mushrooms

68 tbsp olive oil and salt & pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Lay each salmon filet on a piece of parchment paper

Brush a small amount of olive oil on each filet, and sprinkle with salt and pepper

In a medium bowl, toss all the vegetables in 2-3 tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper

Top each salmon filet with about 1/4 cup of prepared vegetables and optional olive toppings. Sprinkle with a bit more salt and pepper

Fold over each parchment paper to create a pocket that encloses the salmon and veggies

Place each packet on a rimmed baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes

Remove from oven and let packets rest for 5 minutes until some of the steam can escape, and then slowly open each packet and serve.


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