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IMG_0158If you follow me on Instagram you know that I made this little onesie for Hayden’s first Valentine’s Day. I think most baby holiday stuff slapped with a “first” label on it is a bit much, so I opted for something modern and updated, that he could continue to wear after V Day.  The how-to is quite easy and follows the same technique as the heart jeans from yesterday! A bit of advice though, black fabric paint and white cotton knit are frienemies, so be very careful as you can’t wash off the black paint, as you can with the white paint on denim. There will most likely be some smudges, but that’s okay. It still looks really cute overall and everyone will be focusing on the cute baby anyhow, not a smudged arrow! Add hearts in place of the aqua arrows, or switch up the colors. The possibilities are endless! And a few have emailed and asked how this wore over time and with multiple washings, and it did great!  Lasted him almost a year in fact!  Enjoy and I’ll see you back tomorrow with a new style post!DIY-Painted-Arrows-Onesie