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As we head into the final week of the cleanse, I want to stress how much this week should be about relishing in how far you’ve come, and NOT GIVING UP! For many of us, we may be tired from all the cooking thus far, which is why I really debated making a meal plan for this week. I didn’t want to add unnecessary pressure to create gourmet meals in this final week, but when asked, many seemed to appreciate the guidance of a meal plan, even if every single day of the week wasn’t followed to the letter. If anything, they also appreciated having plenty of menu ideas to fall back on, after the cleanse ended but we still wanted to eat healthily. So my advice to you, take a couple of these ideas and run with them. Make double batches, eat plenty of leftovers, and just make simple meals with menu items like the turkey meatballs and simple sides of veggies and quinoa or rice. I found myself eating a ton of salads during this final week the last time I completed the cleanse, so if salads are your jam, stock up on lettuce and plenty of simple fixings. Make one roast chicken tonight to have shredded chicken for mixing in salads throughout the week, or even buy some canned salmon or chicken. Get creative with basic ingredients, but also keep it simple.

I’ve provided a few juice and smoothie recipes, but have also provided basic ingredient pairings on a couple of days, to sort of help foster smoothie making independence, if that’s a thing 😉 My mom and dad bought a juicer 6 months ago and for goodness sake, they still haven’t used the dang thing because they haven’t decided on a juice recipe book to purchase, with a complete instruction manual on what and how to juice. It’s not that complicated or scary, just have fun with it and know that most smoothies and juices can always be salvaged with a little tweaking in post-production. So have fun and don’t be afraid to try new variations and amounts. I’ve provided a link to a simple diagram of basic smoothie ingredient combos. Feel free to toy around with the quantities of said ingredients until you get the combo right, but keep in mind to always strive for a healthy low glycemic balance of a 3:1 vegetable/fruit ratio. For every serving of fruit you add in, complement it with either 3 servings of vegetables or other type of healthy fat/protein like coconut oil, a nut butter or healthy add-ins like hemp seeds, chia seeds or raw nuts. Also keep in mind, the best way to keep these healthy habits going for the long term, is to get comfortable and confident so that you can make these things without a recipe. So go forth and conquer smoothie and juice making land!

I think I’ve caught all the subs this week, but again, if I’ve missed any, please go ahead and make any necessary subs for dairy, sugars, soy or wheat. There’s a recipe for a pizza on Thursday night with no recipe link, but that will be published here on Wednesday, so stay tuned. Later in the week I’ll be writing a post with tips and advice on easing back into “the real world” and adding in some of the foods we’ve eliminated, to check for intolerance and sensitivities. I also think it will be a good idea to keep the private Facebook group going, as support to those interested in eating well any day of the year, so even if you haven’t participated in the cleanse so far, feel free to join if you want info on great products, recipes and tips for eating healthfully throughout the year.

And if you want to refresh your memory on the last two weeks of meals and grocery lists, you can see the full meal plan from week 1 here, and week 2 here.


Carrot Beet Juice Rice cakes with avocado mash & cucumber slices Garlicky Spaghetti Squash with chicken, mushrooms & kale Repeat am snack Bombay Bowls sub coconut nectar for brown sugar & use white sweet pot
Hands Down the Best Smoothie Handful baked sweet potato fries + cashew cream Warm Pear & Chickpea Salad sub coconut nectar for honey Repeat am snack Turkey Meatballs from It’s All Good, with steamed veggies & brown rice
Cacao + Cherry Smoothie replace bananas with 3-4 dates 1/2 avocado + grain free crackers like Jilz or plantain chips Quinoa + White Chicken Chili Repeat am snack Baked Chicken with Spinach & Artichokes sub ghee for butter
Protein Packed Almond Smoothie Apple slices + 2 tbsp almond butter Leftovers Repeat am snack Carmelized Onion & Chicken Pizzas
Coconut Berry Smoothie 1/2 avocado + brown rice tortilla wrap Mustard Garlic Brussel Sprouts with quinoa or brown rice & leftover meatballs Repeat am snack Zucchini Rolls with simple green salad
Tropical Twist Smoothie Handful of dates + cashews Curried Brussel Sprouts with Chickpeas + Sweet Potatoes Repeat am snack Sesame Citrus Tilapia, sub lemon for orange & coconunt aminos for tamari.
Carrot Beet Juice Raw veggies + hummus Canned Salmon Nicoise Salad over greens, with kalamata olives, capers, celery & cucumber Repeat am snack Leftovers

Download the 21 Day Cleanse Week 3 Meal Plan here
Download the 21 Day Cleanse Week 3 Grocery List here

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