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We’ve almost made it through week 1 of the cleanse, and while many of us were fighting the Friday night cravings, most of us stayed diligent and powered through. By now most of you should be feeling a lot better, although you may notice some cravings may be kicking in, now that the shock and withdrawal period are over. That’s okay, it’s natural and understandable, and is why I’ve added in a few more good-for-you indulgent snacks in the mix, for week 2.

I also did a few other tweaks to the meal plan, based off of some great feedback from the ladies in the private Facebook group. Many work outside the home, so they were looking for more simple meals they could prep for lunch, and even a few crockpot meals they could leave cooking while away. They also couldn’t do smoothies or juices in the afternoon. So I’ve included more salads and soups that could be made in advance and make for great leftovers. There are also several crockpot meals, and to fix the smoothie problem, I’ve simply duplicated the morning snack, in the afternoon. Remember, the point of the afternoon drink is to help aid with digestion, so if you have the means, you may want to stick with the morning and afternoon smoothie or juice; just repeat one of your favorites. If not though, don’t sweat it.

Don’t sweat it is a phrase I’ve used quite a bit this week. Remember, this is a plan you are striving to meet as much as humanly possible, but we are human after all. While I don’t want to encourage picking and choosing parts of this plan to follow, as you will feel the full benefits when you stick to the plan as closely as possible, I don’t want anyone beating themselves up if things don’t go perfectly. We all have busy and full lives with work and family obligations, so we just want to do the very best we can.

The grocery list is pretty well complete, but compare it to items you may have already purchased last week, or already have in your pantry; there is likely overlap. I’ve notated the addition of extra veggies to eat as side dishes and snacks, so purchase accordingly. And while I tried to scale the recipe back a bit to include less, this is still a lot of cooking for 1 week, so pick and choose the ones that sound best to you, and enjoy leftovers. Lastly, I’ve also done my best to notate any substitutions or eliminations that need to be made, I am human so forgive any oversights. Keep in mind that if the recipe calls for dairy, wine, butter, or a sweetener like honey or sugar, you can make the necessary swaps or eliminate all together.

I think that’s it! I wish you all the best of luck as we enter week 2, and of course make sure to ask me any questions you may have! Enjoy!

Anti-inflammatory Mango Smoothie Pear & Sunflower Butter Roasted Cauliflower & Farro Salad, no feta Repeat am snack Roasted Sweet Potato & Cauli Rice w/ Ground Turkey
Godzilla Juice 1/2 roasted sweet potato wtih cashew cream & nuts Mason Jar, Chickpea & Farro Salad, sub honey & skip feta Repeat am snack Slow Cooker Chicken & Sweet Potato Kale Stew no tom. sauce
Berry Mint Kiss Smoothie Veggie Slices & Hummus or Paleo Almond Spread Carrot & Chickpea Soup Repeat am snack Crockpot Creamy Lemon Chicken & Kale Soup
House Special Veggie Chips & Guacamole Leftover soup Repeat am snack Weeknight Chicken skip pan sauce, with steamed veggies
Hula Hydrator Smoothie Rice Cakes & Almond Butter Pan Steamed Chicken & Broccoli with brown rice Repeat am snack Crockpot Cilantro Chicken with cauli rice or brown rice
Berry Mint Kiss Smoothie Hazelnuts & Golden Raisins Leftovers Repeat am snack Halibut Packets with Squash Date Compote, serve with fave veggie or rice
Godzilla Juice Crunchy Mix of plantains, goji berries, golden raisins & fave nuts Crunchy Root Salad sub coconut nectar for honey Repeat am snack Turkey Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, serve with fave veggie

Download a printable copy of the 21 Day Cleanse Meal Plan Week 2.

Download a printable copy of the 21 Day Cleanse Shopping List Week 2.

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