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The meal plan for this cleanse looks a lot different than last time, primarily because it’s a whole new season. When I went through this in late Summer, the focus was on grilled fishes and chicken, and lots and lots of salads. This time though, we are in the midst of Winter, and our diet should somewhat reflect the cold season, and the fruits and vegetables grown within this season. Eating with the seasons is not only cheaper and easier, but it’s better for you too (in-season vegetables and fruits are shown to pack a more nutrient dense punch), so you’ll find this meal plan filled with lots of warming and comforting soups, and plenty of winter vegetables and fruits. Of course there’s the occasional warm weather fruit thrown in, like mango, but I’ve noted what you should and probably will have to buy frozen.

Keep in mind that this meal plan is extensive, for the sole purpose of providing you with lots of ideas that could easily last you the whole three weeks. This specific meal plan is a lot of cooking for one week, so please keep in mind I’m not suggesting you have to or should cook this much; it truly is to provide you with ideas. The last time I was on the cleanse I ate lots of leftovers and made the same thing for a few days in a row, like the very same green juice or in the afternoon when I didn’t want to clean a juicer or a blender, I drank plain almond milk with an Aloha pack. So tailor this for your needs and wants and capability in terms of cooking. Also, these dinner recipes should easily feed a family of 4, so again, adjust accordingly if you have a larger or smaller family.

Lastly, I tried to tailor the meal plan with recipe ideas that used the same ingredients in numerous places, so there was less waste, and to try and condense the grocery and ingredient list. If you hate pumpkin or butternut squash for instance, there’s a lot of it on here, so feel free to get other ideas in the link I provided below, or on my Pinterest board. When you take a look at the grocery list, you’ll note that I’ve added EVERYTHING you may need for these recipes, including all the spices and oils, assuming you were starting with an empty kitchen. Since that’s likely not the case, don’t fret when you see the long list, just cross out what you already have on hand. I think that’s pretty much it. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll try to provide some more ideas throughout the 21 day period, but this should definitely get you started strong. Good luck!

Simple Green JuiceApple & 1-2 tbsp almond butterBraised Lentils & VegetablesAlmond & Date Smoothie1 Pot Chicken Stew
Turmeric Beet JuiceRoasted ChickpeasRainbow Salad in a JarChai Gingerbread ShakeVegan Coconut Red Curry over brown rice
Carrot Beet JuiceHandful of raw almonds & a pearLeftover Vegan Coconut Curry over brown riceSpiced Almond Milk, sub coconut nectar for maple syrupRoasted Chicken with Grapes & Olives, sub chicken broth in place of wine
Red Grape CoolerNo Bake Lemon Macaroons, sub coconut nectar or date paste for maple syrupChicken Burgers, Thai Style with steamed veggies or garden saladThanksgiving In Your Mouth ShakePan Steamed Chicken & Broccoli
Simple Green JuiceKale ChipsHarvest Carrot Quinoa SaladCranberry Pumpkin SmoothieChicken Stew with Butternut Squash & Kale
Carrot Beet JuiceApple & 1-2 tbsp of almond butterSlow Cooker Creamy Pumpkin SoupTropical Turmeric CleanserButter Nut Squash Noodles & Baked Salmon, sub coconut nectar for maple syrup
Turmeric Beet JuiceHandful of walnuts & pearCrockpot Whole Chicken with steamed veggiesCoconut water & Good Greens Aloha packLeftover Roast Chicken Soup with Roasted Veggies

Download a printable copy of the 21 Day Cleanse Meal Plan.

Download a printable copy of the 21 Day Cleanse Shopping List.

Additional cleanse-friendly recipes.

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this is great! I’ve done this cleanse once before..not perfectly because I have trouble organizing meals and stuff myself. THANK YOU for taking the time to put this all together. I’m excited to start this cleanse in 2015. I need a jumpstart back into healthy eating 🙂


I cannot even remember how I found your Instagram early last year. I feel so lucky to have discovered such an authentic person in the world of social media and blogs. I have learned so many different things from you and the community you have formed. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you put in to help us all lead healthier lives. Don’t let the people that pick at you get you down – most of your readers prefer real people and real journeys over unrealistic perfection. Have an awesome 2015!!


I adore both your instagrams & hope to one day be able to make the amazing changes you have made. The 21 day celense is something I would love to try. Do you have the receipts for your meal plan?



WOW! You have done a ton of work on this! We’re starting late BUT doing it!!




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