Festive Christmas Cocktail

The Pink Lady is a vintage gin cocktail with a beautiful egg white foam top.

Gather all your ingredients - Gin, grenadine, apple brandy, pasteurized  egg white,  lemon juice & ice

Add all  of your ingredients  to your  cocktail shaker

Don't forget the ice!

shake shake shake

the key

to a great egg white cocktail is to shake for at least 30 seconds


Gently pour into something pretty, like a coupe or martini glass, and watch as the gorgeous foam rises to the top


Garnish with a Maraschino cherry or a lime twist.

Expert tips for making a great egg white gin cocktail

Want to make it vegan? Use chickpea water instead of pasteurized egg whites to achieve a similar foam top

If using an egg white, make sure it's pasteurized & wash off the outer shell before cracking

This drink has a refreshing botanical flavor & is not overly sweet. Enjoy!



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The perfect festive  holiday cocktail!