High Protein Oatmeal 

made with egg whites for a light and fluffy, nourishing breakfast


*Oatmeal *Water & salt *Egg Whites *Maple Syrup *Toppings - dried cranberries, nut butter, cinnamon 

How to Make

Begin by adding just enough water to cover the oats. Cook till water is absorbed and oats are slight soft.  

Stir in your egg whites, then cook till oatmeal is soft and tender, about 2 minutes if cooking in the microwave, or about 4 minutes on stove top. Stir often so eggs don't become scrambled.

The egg whites may become slightly firm in some spots. That's fine, just stir them in. You just don't want them overcooked and firm throughout.

You can add any toppings you wish! This recipe calls for maple syrup, dried cranberries, nut butter, pecans and just a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Benefits of Egg Whites

Egg whites are high in protein and low in fat. They are loaded with nutrients, and also taste very mild. You will barely notice the taste in this oatmeal

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