halloween charcuterie board

Spooky and delicious good fun! 

Prep & assembly Time: 20 Min

Cured and smoked meats Assorted hard & soft cheeses Crackers Olives and nuts Assorted fruits (fresh and dried) Optional sweet spreads like fig jam or honey Fake spiders Skeleton hand Sturdy tray or platter


White Scribbled Underline

Begin by placing your cheeses and cured meats on the platter, spacing them out so you can tuck in all other ingredients in between. 

Then add in your  various fresh fruits

Place nuts and olives in spare nooks and crannies, making sure to keep them in little bowls to avoid a mess

Lastly, add your crackers so they don't get soggy or stale, and a few fresh veggies to cleanse the palate

Place your decorations  and voila! All done!

Enjoy this halloween charcuterie board!