Halloween chocolate covered strawberries

quick & easy and  great for parties!


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Making chocolate covered strawberries is easy if using candy melts or white chocolate with added food coloring. Have fun with designs and get the kids involved!

Step 1: Melt chocolate or candy melts in individual bowls. Dip strawberry in melted chocolate and swirl it around by the green top to ensure it gets well covered. Allow excess to drip off.

Step 2: Design your strawberry! To add "splatters", dip toothpick or scribes tool in melted dark chocolate and toss it on the chocolate covered strawberry. Dark on orange or purple is perfect for Halloween!

To make a scalloped design, dip strawberry in chocolate, then immediately add 3-4 circles in a contrast color around the strawberry, then drag the toothpick down through the chocolate. 

Affix edible candy eyes or add Halloween sprinkles. 

Pro - Tips: If candy melts "seize", meaning they are hard and don't melt, stop heating them and let them cool. As they cool down, the candy will melt. If melts are too thick, add coconut oil one teaspoon at a time and stir into melted candy. If working with chocolate, temper it by adding in a small amount of whole chocolate chips into the melted chocolate chips. 

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