Classic Ambrosia Salad

with Cool Whip or Sour Cream

What is ambrosia salad?

Ambrosia salad is an old school classic recipe that is said to have originated in Vermont. The word ambrosia derives from ancient Greek mythology and means "food of the gods." It is used to describe something with an especially delicious flavor or scent that is pleasing to the senses. An apt description for this dish that is so delicious.

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mini marshmallows fruit cocktail in juices not syrup, well drained pineapple tidbits in juices not syrup, well drained mandarin oranges in juices not syrup, well drained, shredded coconut flakes, unsweetened walnuts creamy cool whip or sour cream banana slices for the garnish, and optional maraschino cherries

What you'll need

Begin by draining the canned fruit really well. This step is crucial in assuring the ambrosia salad doesn't get watery! Once well drained, begin by adding the marshmallows to a large bowl.


Add the well-drained fruit to the marshmallows, and then add the coconut and walnuts.

Add in the Cool Whip or sour cream and gently stir until well combined. Cool Whip will give the salad a lighter, but sweeter flavor, and sour cream will give it a creamier texture that is a bit more tart. You can also do 1/2 and 1/2!

Helpful recipe tips

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– Allow the canned fruit to drain for at least 10 minutes. After 10-15 minutes, give the fruit a good toss and shake to ensure more juices strain out. You want the fruit as strained as possible.

– If you would like a higher protein, lower fat content ambrosia salad, subbing in plain or vanilla flavored nonfat Greek yogurt is a delicious option.

- Feel free to add in fresh fruit as well as canned. Fresh pineapple and mandarin oranges are great, but grapes and diced apples are also a fun and unusual addition.

Cover and chill the ambrosia salad for at least 30 minutes. Right before serving, top with a few more walnuts and sliced bananas.


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