New Mexico Pork Posole

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What is Posole?

Posole is a clear broth soup, usually made with water or chicken stock. The word posole translates to hominy, so this soup is named after its main ingredient. Originating in Mexico, it is typically made to include shredded pork or chicken.

Country Style Pork Ribs Onion Hominy Chicken Broth Salt & Pepper Garnishes


How to Make

Season pork ribs with salt & pepper, and add to the crock pot, along with the onion and chicken broth.

Cook on high for 4-6 hours until ribs are fork tender. When cooking is complete, remove ribs from broth and shred meat when cool enough to handle.

Strain the broth to remove onion and any remaining small bits of meat and fat. Return broth and meat back to the slow cooker insert.

Add hominy to the broth and pork, and warm in the slow cooker on low, till soup is warmed all the way through.

Posole Garnishes

Authentic garnishes typically include radishes, cabbage, limes, dried oregano and New Mexico chili powder. Feel free to add others such as cilantro, avocado and diced onions.

New Mexico Pork Posole

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