corned beef brine

Made this last year for St. Patty’s and already planning on making it again this year. SO good!!”

– Lauren, blog reader 


Pink curing salt & kosher salt Garlic cloves Granulated sugar Black peppercorns Mustard seeds & coriander seeds Red pepper flakes Whole allspice Ground nutmeg Cinnamon sticks & bay leaves Ground ginger & Cloves Water Beef brisket

Let's Make the Brine!

Combine all the dry brining ingredients, minus the sugar and salts, together in a bowl and stir to mix. In a large pot, filled 3/4 full with water, add the sugar and both salts and stir to combine. Stir in half of the brining mix. Bring water to a simmer and stir till sugar and salts are dissolved.

Add the brisket!

Remove pot from heat and allow brine to come to room temperature. Then add the brisket, making sure there is enough brine so the beef can fully submerge.

Pro Tip!

Cover brisket with a heavy plate or even a foil wrapped brick so the it stays submerged in the homemade corned beef brine. Cover, then place in the fridge. Rotate the brisket every day for 4 days.

Getting ready to make corned beef!

After 4 days, it's time to cook the brisket and make authentic, homemade corned beef! Simply remove brisket from the corned beef brine, and rinse off all the lovely seasonings and spices that have accumulated on the meat.

Visit the link below to learn how to cook authentic, homemade corned beef!

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