perfect grilled pork tenderloin


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Step 1: – Brush olive oil all over the pork tenderloins, then season with your favorite dry rub and about 2 tsp each salt and pepper, if your dry rub doesn't have much salt.

Step 2: – Place pork on an outdoor or indoor grill at medium high heat, close the lid and allow to grill on one side for about 10-12 minutes. – Flip the pork over and grill for an additional 10-15 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches at least 145 degrees.

Step 3: –– Remove from the grill and cover with tin foil, and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes. This will seal in the juices and allow the internal temperature to rise to about 145 degrees.

– Slice on a diagonal and serve alongside your favorite side dish and grilled vegetables.

other grilling tips:

Pork tenderloin usually comes in 2 pieces, but sometimes they come in 1 large piece. The cooking times are for 2 smaller pieces, so please adjust accordingly if you are using 1 large 3-4 lb pork tenderloin. . You don’t want undercooked pork, so make sure you get the pork to at least 145, and then cover it and let it rest. Letting it come to temperature off the grill. This produces a much juicier piece of pork.

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