This recipe for braised Asian pork creates the most crispy, tender and flavorful pork. Serve over rice or veggies for a naturally healthy & gluten free dinner.


Pork Shoulder Brown Sugar Kosher Salt Cooking Oil Yellow Onion Fish Sauce Soy Sauce Ginger Garlic Coconut Water Butternut Squash

Combine the salt and brown sugar and coat the outside of the pork shoulder. Then wrap in plastic wrap and let rest.

Heat up some oil in a large dutch oven and sear each side of the pork shoulder until brown.

Add in the onions, sauces, garlic and coconut water to the pot. Then cover the pot and cook in the oven.

Remove from the oven and add in the butternut squash, then seal and put back in the oven until the squash is tender.

Strain the squash and set aside. Then shred the cooked pork shoulder. Toss together in seasoning, then serve over rice and enjoy!

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