I’ve been writing a weekly round up for years now. The names may change over the years, from Week In Review, to Weekly Recap, to Links I Love, but the sentiment is all the same; sharing the things I’ve recently discovered that have made a positive impact on my life. Could be an enlightening article that made me think, an engaging book that taught me something new, a product that made life easier or a closet staple that made getting dressed in the morning just a little more fun. These are all things that one way or another, have sparked a little joy in my life. I hope you enjoy and find something that may spark a bit of joy as well.

If you’re an avocado head like me, you’ll love this t-shirt from Zara 

I really love the way Nicole thoughtfully styled her jewelry and think the glass box for statement earrings is my favorite part

This slouchy striped button – up style of shirt is my new fave for Spring and Summer. Lightweight and airy, goes with anything and doesn’t stick to you as your body starts heating up.

I can’t decide if growing your fruit into fun shapes like hearts and baby buddahs is an indicator of the downfall of our society, or a shining example of prosperity and progress. What do you think?!

Diet culture is just another way of dealing with the fear of death. Really, now tell me something I don’t know!

How To Raise a Genius lessons from a 45 year old study of super smart children

24 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook – how many have you mastered?

Those small round straw bags are showing up everywhere and this one is SOOO cute!

Target has my bow slide sandals now and they are just as cute as the Nordstrom ones and of course cheaper, but not sure about comfort. Proceed at your own risk haha!

One of my readers wrote me about these open toe sandals and that she loves them so much, she went ahead and ordered 2 pairs!

My fave chinos are half off and plenty of sizes still available

i’m convinced that these are the only heels you need.

The new Beautycounter sunscreen is now on presale and for those who do place an presale order with me, I’m entering you in a drawing to win a 3 ounce bottle of the spray sunscreen.

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