IMG_9647Skirt – ASOS last season but so many great midi skirt options at ASOS!, Sweater – Club Monaco, Heels now on sale for $50!- ShoeMint, Reversible Faux Leather Tote – Nordstrom; Necklace – Madewell; Bracelets – Madewell & Alex & Ani IMG_9634While the East coast got ready for Juno, otherwise known as Snowmaggedon, us here on the West coast were dealing with the annoying Santa Ana winds. The farmer’s market was half shut down on Saturday, tree branches were ripped off trunks. and hair was flown all about. Other than whipping up some seasonal allergies and dirtying lawns, our seasonal annoyances are pretty minor in comparison to some. Another thing that comes along with the Santa Ana winds, are heat, and so by the afternoon, once we got home from church, I stripped off this outfit and got into some shorts and a t-shirt. IMG_9652On another note, I think I need to become one of those woman, now that I’m approaching forty, who changes out her purses with her outfits.  My kids are getting older, ideally I should have a few more minutes of free time in the morning to take care of such a task, right? Because once I get stuck on a purse, I tend to stick with that purse until it falls apart. And at this rate, this thing will be lasting for years to come. So until I become one of those ladies who seems to have it together enough to match her purse with her outfit, you’ll probably be seeing this one over and over and over. Helps that it’s reversible too, although that lately has been seeming like even too big of a chore. I thought things were supposed to get easier as the kids get older? Why don’t I yet have enough time to switch out my handbags, or at least reverse them when need be? Where is my daily schedule going astray?IMG_9639Of course I hope you know I’m joking. IMG_9666 IMG_9661Happy Hump Day all. Hope it’s a good one and you’re staying warm and dry, or wind-free, wherever you are. IMG_9655



Hahahaha. That’s funny. My life has gotten busier and crazier the older my kids get!! Yes- my days are crazy busy. Never thought it would be like this! And unless it’s a fancy occasion, I can’t imagine pulling all the crap from my purse and switching errrryday. Guess I am lazy.

Jordan Taylor

I just found your blog through a Link up and I am so happy I did! Your skirt is amazing, that bag is great, even better that its reversible, and I just want to be you at your age (which you dont look by the way)!

I have to agree about the bag statement though, My boyfriend bought me my first kate spade bag, and my mom bought me the second, and I have worn them both to pieces, well… right through the straps. Both excelent bags, and absolute favorites, but I just loved them a bit TOO much and far TOO often.

Jordan Taylor
Richmond, VA


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