I’ve been writing a weekly round up for years now. The names may change over the years, from Week In Review, to Weekly Recap, to Links I Love, but the sentiment is all the same; sharing the things I’ve recently discovered that have made a positive impact on my life. Could be an enlightening article that made me think, an engaging book that taught me something new, a product that made life easier or a closet staple that made getting dressed in the morning just a little more fun. These are all things that one way or another, have sparked a little joy in my life. I hope you enjoy and find something that may spark a bit of joy as well.

Links of Note This Week:

If you decide you want to download the Moment app on your phone, I suggest reading the FAQ page to know the ins and outs of how it tracks your activity and how you can have it do so as accurately as possible. I suggest reading it on a desktop though so the screen time doesn’t count against you ha!

This is an old article and one I linked to in my meal planning post the other day, but enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share it separately here.

I made this Cantonese Beef recipe the other night and it was the bomb. We ate most of it that night, but I had just enough for leftover lunch the next day and I loved it just as much. Tip, add a little over 1 lb of beef to make sure there’s plenty if you’re a family of 4-5.

This article on drugging young boys has been on my radar for a few weeks and I need to finally sit down and read it this weekend.

The new Beautycounter Color Intense Lipsticks are all in and they are fabulous! Check out the color offerings and see how they look on different skin tones.

Working on strengthening and repairing my nails after several months of wearing gels & sand dipped manicures. Oils are highly recommended for repair & strengthening and so I’ve been using and seeing improvement with DermaE argan oil blend, formerly known as Hair, Skin & Nail oil, and I also ordered this Tenoverten Base Nail Coat.

Loving my Ember Ceramic mug!!!! Seriously life changing if you are the person who routinely reheats their cups of coffee, or if you’ve just grown accustomed to drinking lukewarm coffee 😉 Put it on your birthday or Mother’s Day wish list, or just treat yourself today haha!

I’ve followed Sezane on Instagram for awhile and have long drooled over their feminine Parisienne style. They just launched a capsule collection at Nordstrom and I love this green dress so much.

These slides are adorable and comfortable. I’ve been wearing them nonstop in the mustard color and they provide the perfect pop of color to a simple outfit.

Sweet & affordable straw bag I’m adding to my wish list. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

Trying to decide which parenting book I’ll read next, after I finish Simplicity Parenting. Hold On to Your Kids gets great reviews so thinking that may be next.

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