I’ve been writing a weekly round up for years now. The names may change over the years, from Week In Review, to Weekly Recap, to Links I Love, but the sentiment is all the same; sharing the things I’ve recently discovered that have made a positive impact on my life. Could be an enlightening article that made me think, an engaging book that taught me something new, a product that made life easier or a closet staple that made getting dressed in the morning just a little more fun. These are all things that one way or another, have sparked a little joy in my life. I hope you enjoy and find something that may spark a bit of joy as well.

Links of Note This Week:

In a quest to finally get my creative and business $hit together, I signed up for Evernote and I’m kicking myself that I’ve never used it before. So far I’ve created 3 different notebooks, and multiple notes in each and already feel like a much more organized human.

The Babylon Bee’s new book How To Be A Perfect Christian comes out in a couple of weeks, and I’ve already preordered my copy. I mean, who could refuse this advice, “One of the primary rules of being a perfect Christian is to always give off the appearance of perfection, even when things are falling apart on the inside.” This is satire btw, if you aren’t familiar with their work. 😉

I’m strongly considering ordering the Michael Hyatt Full Focus planner. It’s pricey, but it has everything I have been looking for in a planner, including some great sections on goal and project setting that I hadn’t thought I needed, but think could be beneficial.

Speaking of planners, I did almost buy this adorable $19 cactus planner at Urban Outfitters yesterday, but at checkout I decided against it. As luck would have it, later that day I heard Michael Hyatt talk about his planner on my new fave podcast, so I’m glad I held back. But if you want a planner that’s super duper cute and not spendy, this one is cool. I like that it’s not dated so you can pick it up and start it no matter what day it is.

Taylor’s birthday was yesterday and I got her this mini heart waffle maker and she LOVED it!. We had used a regular round one at the VRBO house we stayed at in Joshua Tree and we couldn’t believe how well it worked. We gave the heart one a spin and it worked just as well and is only $14.

Interesting article on what makes us change the way we speak to different people.

Really intrigued by this crispy tofu pad thai recipe from Smitten Kitchen for the simple fact that I want to see if her method really creates *crispy* textured tofu rather than soft and mushy.

My fail proof been following for years lasagna recipe from Ina Garten.

This Brass Plum striped ruffle dress is adorable and $55. Love this one from Madewell as well, but a bit higher price point.

Last week’s mustard slides were a hit with readers, but if you’re looking for a more practical walking sandal that is well priced and great quality, I love these Madewell ones.

I’m devouring How To Hug A Porcupine and can’t wait to share a review with you all.

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An Update On the Phone Breakup Challenge and our Joshua Tree National Park trip, broken down in all the necessary bits of travel info you need.

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