I’ve been writing a weekly round up for years now. The names may change over the years, from Week In Review, to Weekly Recap, to Links I Love, but the sentiment is all the same; sharing the things I’ve recently discovered that have made a positive impact on my life. Could be an enlightening article that made me think, an engaging book that taught me something new, a product that made life easier or a closet staple that made getting dressed in the morning just a little more fun. These are all things that one way or another, have sparked a little joy in my life. I hope you enjoy and find something that may spark a bit of joy as well.

How can we bring reading back? “I am too old to judge the cultural impulse that the new media is giving birth to. But it annoys me that it’s the first media revolution in the history of mankind to first and foremost serve economic as opposed to cultural ends.”

I’m editing this post because I have just learned of Anthony Bourdain’s death and I am shocked and saddened. It’s a shame I am not more familiar with his work, and am now adding Kitchen Confidential to my shelf and plan to read it next. His must have been a brilliant mind, as I just read his book recommendations and I’m stunned by the depth and complexity of the topics he delved into and his vast knowledge of literature. Please, if you are feeling alone or without purpose, call the Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-273-8255. I do know that Anthony dealt with demons of addiction and depression. He had access to top notch resources to get help, and still he was overcome. I can only imagine how dark and deep those lacking in resources must feel. I’m sure that these words may seem shallow, but you have purpose and you matter.

These modernist churches in Iceland are so gorgeous. Such a striking tribute to God.

Finding Meaning in Modern America “Americans today are waiting longer to get married and have children, having fewer kids, or opting out of marriage and family entirely. These trends don’t appear to simply reflect a reshuffling of how people organize their social lives but instead suggest that we are increasingly less socially connected.”

I’ve Pet 300 Dogs and They Were All Good Dogs.I like meeting all dogs, but some of my favorites on my website are Clementine, Jax the little puppy, Bertha, and Chubby.”

Disneyland sitdown restaurants will begin serving alcohol and all the parents say “huzzah!” Now let’s keep it together, people. Nothing could be worse than a drunk dad at the happiest place on earth.

The best straw hat I’ve found for big heads like myself. A medium actually worked!

I really wanted a high waisted bikini that also wasn’t very cheeky in the bum bum. I tried on 20 and found this one to be sufficient and it’s reversible AND it’s ON SALE!

These lemon printed J. Crew bottoms were adorable as well but ran a bit big, so size down. The bright yellow ruffle bikini top that worked perfectly with them is also so flattering and it looks awesome back to simple black bottoms as well.

Make these sprouts now! Seriously, this method produced perfect, crowd pleasing results!

I’m really loving Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook At My Table and have made several recipes from it already, and they all turned out delicious.

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