Doily gift topper

Every holiday season I try and come up with some new and creative gift toppers for holiday gifts. In fact, my family has started to look forward to these crazy gift toppers every year. It’s kind of fun because the gift topper becomes like a little gift itself. This year I have been particularly swamped with other tasks (read toddler and newborn) so I needed a gift topper craft that was simple, quick, and still lovely. I think this doily gift topper would make any elf proud!

Items you will need:

Doily gift topper Doily gift topper

– Paper doily in varying sizes

– Sewing pins (but thumb tacks would work as well)

– A Styrofoam ball and knife

– Glue to attach the topper to the gift

Doily gift topper

Step 1: To begin, cut the Styrofoam ball in half. I used a regular kitchen knife for this. The flat side of the ball will lay flush with the gift box top.

Doily gift topper Doily gift topper Doily gift topper

Step 2: Next, insert a pin or tack in the center of a doily. Then gather the doily around the pin to create a ruffled flower look.

Doily gift topper Doily gift topper

Step 3: Insert the pin into the rounded surface of the Styrofoam ball and make sure it is securely attached.

Doily gift topper

Step 4: Then repeat steps 2 and 3 until the entire rounded surface of the ball is covered in ruffled doily. To attach my gift topper to my gifts I used a hot glue gun.

Now how simple was that!? My favorite part about this gift topper is that is looks lovely for any occasion. Which means I will probably (most definitely) be re-using it for Valentines Day.

Doily gift topper

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