Wire art DIY

A few months ago I passed a beautiful art wall that had some really interesting wire art. The wire was shaped into a city landscape and had this unique sketched look about it. I loved the wire art’s simplicity and that I had never seen anything like it before. So I set out to create some wire art for my own home. I stared by creating wire stars, but now that I have one project under my belt I think it’s time to start experimenting with other shapes and silhouettes. The best part about these wire stars is that they make a huge statement without overtaking a space.

Wire art DIY

– Bailing wire…I bought my wire at my local hardware store and it is the perfect wire for wall decorations because it is easy to shape and thick enough to make a statement. Plus it costs $2.50. Can’t beat that price.

– Needle-nose pliers.

Wire art DIY

Step 1: Begin by unwinding a few feet of the bailing wire and stretching it out straight. It is easier to start forming the wire art when the wire is straight to begin with. Then, using the needle-nose pliers, form the shape or silhouette you want for your wall art. The best way to manipulate the wire is to bend the wire with the pliers, but to smooth out bumps using your fingers. I think the wire looks more unique with several overlapping wires that follow the same shape so once you finish the first wire form, repeat that shape several times.

Wire art DIY

Step 2: Then, to make sure all those wire stars stay together, cut a 3″ piece of wire and twist it around the star forms. This secures them together and makes it easier to hang up.

Finished! If it seems like this DIY project is super easy, that is because it is! I hung my starts next to my bed and they offer the perfect touch of DIY to our room without it being cheesy or expensive.

Wire art DIY Wire art DIY Wire art DIY


Leigh Anne

These are so cool! I’m thinking they would be great in my living room. Thx for the inspiration!


I love this – it’s such a simple idea and so striking! I’m pinning it to my ‘My Handmade Christmas’ board. Thanks for sharing this idea.


Adorable! I love how this piece could fit in with both a modern design context as well as a rustic themed room.


I can’t wait to make these. I am going to paint them red, white and blue with rustolium paint and hang them under my carport!


i just made a couple of these and i love them but i’m wondering how you hung them up?


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