giveawayFollowing up on last week’s special 15% discount offer, I’m really excited to also be giving a Planetbox away! So, for those of you who didn’t have a chance to scoop one up, or it just didn’t fit into the budget, now’s your chance to still get your hands on one! I’m giving away the Rover system, complete with the lunch bag and a set of magnets. That’s a $62 value on a system that will help make your life much easier (and healthier), when packing lunch for yourself or your kiddo.

If you need inspiration with how to get the most use out of your Planetbox, just in case you’re the lucky winner, make sure to visit my post last week, detailing out 31 Healthy School Lunches (packed in the Planetbox). Giveaway runs through the end of the week, and is open to US residents only. To enter, follow the prompts below. Good luck, and happy lunching! giveaway2

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Hmmm….. So many things they love for lunch it is difficult to choose. My oldest likes applegate salami and cheese and my middle loves his blackberries:)


Love this giveaway!! Right now my son’s favorite thing to eat is a peanut butter and honey sandwich!


I have two boys that I pack lunches for everyday. They absolutely love cold cuts with pita chips and cheese.


I would love to win this! The classic PB&J is always s favorite. We often times have dinner leftovers or quesadillas too!.

Liz Grice

My kids love bagels and cream cheese in their lunches!! Awesome give away. Fingers crossed!


I adore these boxes and have been wanting one for months. With two jobs one without microwave access this would be perfect!


I my Daughter Izzy loves when I make her turkey and cheese sandwiches and cut them into fun shapes!


He loves a sweet potato stuffed with chorizo and a fried egg πŸ™‚ and berries on the side


My kids love salami. I never thought they would, but I got the idea from you and am glad I gave it a try πŸ™‚


Baby cucumbers is just about the only veggie my don will excitedly eat for lunch! Another favorite is when I pack a quesadilla.


Well I have 4 kids & I’d say their favorite these days is the Lundberg Thin Stackers rice cakes with a slice of turkey or salami, cheese, & an avocado. I send them separately so they can put it together at school. YUMM!!

Claire Griffin

I don’t have kiddos of my own, but I would take my cousins to the park and we would pack carrots, apples, string cheese and half salami sandwiches!

Candace engelhardt

My son loves homemade hummus with carrots and cucumbers. He also loved it when I put kiwi in his lunch as a surprise!


We love tuna salad! Swap plain Greek yogurt for the mayo and fill with chopped apples, jalapeΓ±o, and onion. Well seasoned with salt and lemon pepper it’s delicious! You can also include whole leaves of lettuce or spelt wraps on the side for diy lunch wraps.

Emily fairchild

My kids love PBJ or sunbutter sandwiches! I try and switch it up, but they always go back to their favorite πŸ™‚


Fingers crossed I win! Our 4 year old loves hummus and carrots. He eats it every day! Live your Instagram posts!


I don’t have kids, so I’ve been hesitant to spend the money, but I would love one of these for myself! I think it would be great for work lunches and portioning. Especially during this season when I want to eat ALL.THE.THINGS.


My kids pack their own lunches and this would be great for them to avoid 14 little containers each day.

Charlie favorite lunch is peanut butter and pretzels. Ryan’s favorite is hard boiled egg and a granola bar. Very healthy over here.


My son loves to eat quesadillas and black beans or wild rice and peas! He gobbles both those meals up so fast!

Amanda Herman

My son’s favorite lunch items are fruit of any kind! He LOVES his fruit. Also yogurt and cheerios are a special treat.

Sandy Hernandez

My step daughter doesn’t take her lunch, but maybe we can change that with one of these awesome lunch boxes. We love the bento style!!


Love this giveaway! My three year old is more of a snacker so for lunch we do a variety of things. He loves seaweed, pears, kale chips, organic string cheese etc.


My daughter’s favorite thing right now, is pumpkin yogurt . Stony field plain yogurt, pure pumpkin, a few shakes of pmpkn pie spice and a drizzle of honey.


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