Top – H&M; Layering Tank – James Perse; Jeans – Gap Maternity; Necklace – DIY by me; Watch & Bangles – Michael Kors & Kate Spade; Bag – Reed Krakoff c/o Neiman Marcus; Sunglasses – Reed Krakoff c/o Neiman Marcus; Sandals – Red Valentino

We made it a point to go to the farmer’s market this weekend since we no longer receive a CSA box, and grocery store fruit just isn’t the same.  After tasting fruit direct from the source, it makes me wonder why I even bother buying produce at the market.  Other than that, we did some BBQ’ing with friends, gardening and registering for baby #3.  My first shower is next weekend and, since no one else seems to appreciate my “wing it” attitude, I decided to make a list and figure out what we’ll need for this baby.  Turns out there’s quite a bit since we got rid of pretty much everything.  It’s fun, and so easy, just doing it all online now.  Hopefully my 80 year old Aunt will feel the same way 😉

Hoping you all had a great weekend and your week starts off better than Mr. Lane Pryce’s.  What an episode, right?  Linking up to WIWW

  • I absolutely love your outfit and bag! What a fun, colorful post. You don’t even look pregnant in the straight-on photos… I thought these were old pictures until I saw the side view. 🙂

  • love that top!

  • SO cute! Love that HM print; could never get it at my store.

  • Love your farmer’s market look. My husband and I went to a farmer’s market this weekend and the produce was so wonderful.

  • I second what Heather said! At first when I saw that picture, I thought it must be old because your bump isn’t even showing! I love that print paired with that gorgeous floral and that bag is amazing!

  • Yea, I couldn’t even tell! You look amazing. One hot momma! And you are so right about the fruit.

    • Andrea

      Thanks ladies 🙂 It must be black because the black dress I wore today also hid the belly pretty well until I turned to the side that is 🙂

  • I am swooning over this post for several reasons.

    1. You wear white pants better than anybody ever.

    2. I need your bag right now

    3. Where are everybody getting these fabulous statement necklaces? So amazing.

    4. A farmers market sounds amazing right about now. Amazing!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things.

  • Fabulous top and necklace. Perfect with white pants.

  • Gorgeous pictures!! They appeal to my inner and outer urban farmer. I am ready to go and eat my fruit breakfast now. You look amazing in all that color! 🙂

  • beautiful pictures!Perfect outfit!

  • These pictures are so perfect! Love the floral top!!

  • You MADE the necklace!? It’s a show stopper! Gorgeous!

  • You made that necklace??? It is gorgeous! You have inspired me to make my own (someday…) haha! I love that outfit!

  • I love the floral top AND your bag! Love!!

  • I love this outfit! That bag is awesome and the top looks great on you!

  • What a cute fashionable momma!

  • Ohh, I love the prints and the cherries. Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle.


  • You are so cute! I love this whole look from top to bottom. That bag is gorgeous. I wish I was this trendy when I was pregnant.