Greetings friends. This week found no shortage of fascinating reading material on the web, so much so that I’ve begun bookmarking links to share in the future, so that I don’t bog you all down with so many at one time. My boys are now officially on spring break, and my daughter begins hers in a week. Very much looking forward to 2 weeks of less rushed mornings and hopefully getting out of town for a couple of days. This week I need to focus on the Easter menu and what I plan to contribute, and begin assembling their baskets. Wish me luck, and if you’ve found any cute basket items or yummy recipes, please share! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Until next time, here’s a several articles, books, podcasts and items I’ve recently discovered.

I tend to crave either really junky food, or uber healthy food when I’m sick. I found this to be an interestingly odd list šŸ˜‰ All the Foods We Eat When We’re Too Sick to Cook

I don’t know if the perfect paper planner exists, but this one looks promising. Anyone ever try it?

Aside from the fact that I can’t reheat it in the microwave, this is the best coffee/tea mug I’ve ever owned

These gold magnetic dry erase boards have made my day when it comes to office organization. So pretty and they work really well! I love these extra strong magnets to go with; tiny but mighty!

Still trying to sort out details for a virtual book club, with Simplicity Parenting as our first pick. People are split on whether we should do it on goodreads or Facebook, and people have strong opinions on both! What about doing it on Slack? That thought occurred to me this morning.

Been thinking a lot about social media for my kids & the use of (addiction to) our devices. May shared this article and I thought it was so, so good. Porn Is Not the Worst Thing On

I previously shared this article from last year on my IG stories when it was first published, and it was so hard to read, but definitely important enough to share again Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

I really enjoyed this Give and Take episode with Catherine Price, author of How to Break Up With Your Phone and plan to devour the book this week. Note that the book isn’t about ending your relationship with your phone entirely, because they do still have many benefits, but how can you cultivate a healthier relationship with it.

Through all my talk about saying no to social media, a few readers shared the work that Collin Kartchner is doing to help #savethekids (and #savetheparents) The Tyranny of ConvenienceĀ 

And lastly, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I recently tried a dip-powder manicure, and the nail technician assured me how much better it was than gel, even calling it “organic gel” several times. My nails look amazing, but after coming home and doing research, it turns out the powder is pretty much made of the same stuff as acrylic nails, and can damage them just as badly as gels. I love a gel mani every now and then, so this is yet again a good reminder to stick with polish (I love Mineral Fusion), and get gels/gel powder nails only for special occasions.

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