Healthy Turkey Meatballs – Baked or Fried

turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles and marinara sauce on a white plate set on a wooden board with a glass of red wine

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These easy turkey meatballs are healthy & delicious, and can be baked or pan fried for a stress-free weeknight dinner!



1 pound 93% lean ground turkey

1/3 cup panko bread crumbs or 1/4 almond flour if making gluten free

1 large egg

Greens from 2 scallions, sliced thin

2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley or 1 tablespoon dried parsley

2 teaspoons grated lemon zest

1 teaspoon salt & 1/2 tsp pepper


Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl until well combined. Roll heaping tablespoons of turkey mixture into small meatballs about 1.5″ in diameter. Place on a lined baking sheet and bake at 400 for 15 minutes, or until center of meatballs registers 160 degrees.

Alternately, if pan frying, cover raw meatballs with plastic wrap or paper towels and refrigerate tray for at least 15 minutes to allow to firm up.

Heat 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat and cook meatballs for about 10 minutes, rotating half way through cooking to brown on each side. Drain on a paper towel lined plate and serve.


Make sure yo use 93% ground turkey, not 99%, as the meatballs will become dry and tough.

Also, cooked meatballs can be frozen in airtight bag or container for up to 3 months.

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